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Tire Conveyor Belt

The utility model relates to a tire sorting system, belonging to the field of rubber and tire logistics.      In the finished tire logistics planning, the ultimate goal of the entire conveyor system is to classify and sort the tires after the forming and vulcanization process one by one according to the varieties. Each tire is concentrated and then transported to the storage unit. At this stage, the tire vulcanization process determines that tires of various specifications are mixed on the conveyor line from the vulcanization to the pre-storage period, and the tires cannot be stored directly. How to accurately and quickly realize the picking function of post-vulcanized tires is the key to tire storage. The existing method is manual sorting shipment or automatic sorting equipment, storing the same kind of tires together and storing them; at present, the automatic sorting method is to set a number of tire picking ports on the tire conveying line, each picking The tire is processed by one mouth, and the tire is transported to the working end by the conveying device on the outside of the picking port, and can be directly stored. However, the efficiency of this sorting method is low, the speed of the movement of the arm is very high, and the number of picking outlets is limited by space. Once the output is increased, the number of preset picking outlets cannot meet the production needs, resulting in the main line. The tires are saturated and stopped, and the warehousing target cannot be completed. The prior art tire sorting device requires four workers or mechanical palletizers to complete four types of tire sorting, and each worker or mechanical palletizer can only operate one storage unit, resulting in waste of human resources and production cost. Increase.
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