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Wear-resistant Red Rubber Conveyor Belt

Wear-resistant Red Rubber Conveyor Belt

(Product type)PLTC-R802/B The rubber conveyor has the characteristics of heat-resistant belt, hard-wearing belt, burning-resistant belt, oil-resistant belt, alkali-resistant belt, alkali-resistant belt, heat-resistant belt and cold-resistant belt. It is mainly used for solid material transportation in mining, metallurgy, steel, coal, hydropower, building materials, chemical, grain and other enterprises.

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    (Product type)PLTC-R802/B

    Technical belt data sheet

    Wear-resistant red rubber conveyor belt
    1. material: PU
    2. color:  red
    3. surface:  PLT
    4. thickness:8.0mm
    Number of fabric: 3 layer
    Color: red
    Number of fiber: 3 layer
    Surface Material: PLT
    Fiber lining:Polyester,with lateral stability
    Total thickness(mm): 8.0mm
    Weight(Kg/M2): 7.25kgs
    Maximum production width(mm): 1829
    Maximum tension(N/mm): 15
    Minimum Pulley Diameter: 120
    Temperature article(°C): -10/+80
    Lateral stability:Yes

    The high wear-resistant conveyor belt is a new type of transportation object composed of core (nylon canvas, steel wire rope, etc.) and high-elasticity and high-strength rubber as the working surface. It is mainly used to transport powdery, granular and other materials that are polluting the environment. . When working, the tape changes from a flat surface to a U shape, and finally becomes a tubular shape, enclosing the material to achieve closed conveying. It has the advantages of resistance to bending, impact resistance and high adhesion. After testing and using the product, its physical and mechanical properties and practical performance have reached or exceeded the advanced level of similar foreign products.

    Tensile strength ≥20Mpa

    Glue--cloth adhesion ≥8N/mm

    Wear amount ≤90mm3

    Applicable conditions:

    The tubular belt conveyor (hereinafter referred to as the belt belt machine) is used to transport various blocks and powders such as coal, ore and grain, and is especially suitable for the following occasions:

    A. The transport inclination angle is below 30°.

    B. There are strict requirements for environmental protection;

    C, need to bend and transport in three-dimensional space;

    D, need to transport back and forth.

    Wear-resistant Red Rubber Conveyor Belt

    Wear-resistant Red Rubber Conveyor Belt

    Wear-resistant Red Rubber Conveyor Belt


    The above data is all in the standard conditions (temperature 23 humidity 50%). The results obtained through laboratory tests are not necessarily the same as the actual use of the product, so the data is only for the examination


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    3. Production Time: 1-7days

    4. Port of shipment: Xiamen Port,China.

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    2. Package: PE foam with box to protect ,or as customized

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