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Agricultural Product Climbing Conveyor Belt

Agricultural Product Climbing Conveyor Belt

Manufacturer custom white PVC bright skirt skirt conveyor belt corn peanut agricultural product climbing conveyor belt One generation

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    Order number: XINBEX brand

    Custom processing: Yes

    Sample or spot: spot

    Whether standard parts: non-standard parts

    Whether to import: No

    Brand : XINBEX

    Material : PVC

    Conveyor belt type: rib conveyor belt

    Applicable environment: heat resistance, corrosion resistance, acid resistance, heat resistance, moisture resistance, oil resistance, alkali resistance, antistatic, abrasion resistance, burning resistance, cold resistance, non-slip, flame retardant, high temperature resistance

    Applications: Electronics


    Baffle conveyor belt

    • Small footprint, no operation

    • Large conveying angle

    • Low maintenance costs and large throughput

    • Wide range of applications

    Skirt conveyor belt: divided into a skirtless baffle conveyor belt and a skirted baffle conveyor belt. It can continuously transport all kinds of bulk materials at any inclination angle of 0-90°, which solves the conveying angle that can not be achieved by ordinary conveyor belts.


    The corrugated rib conveyor belt can be designed as a complete conveying system according to requirements, avoiding the intermittent conveying and complex conveying lifting system

    Product display

    Good products make you look more comprehensive

    imageInclined conveying, large conveying angle

    imageWhole row conveyor

    imagePrevent missing materials

    imageJoints are available in toothed street, lap joint, steel buckle

    Skirt baffle belt features: skirt baffle conveyor belt: light baffle belt is made of PVC, PU and other thermoplastic elastic high-frequency welding

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