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Logistic Conveyor Belt

The application of the logistics belt is mainly in the following areas: 1 scanning and sorting system: For different types of scanning and merging systems, selecting the correct corresponding conveyor belt can effectively avoid the damage of parcel goods and sorting errors. Because such systems require a certain degree of classification accuracy and sensitivity, tilted pallet sorting systems are widely used in parcel sorting systems. Log power PVC Conveyor belts provide a range of high performance products that ensure safe, reliable, long-lasting and precise operation of these sorting systems. 2 Baggage inspection and inspection security inspection system: For the inspection equipment of light luggage, it needs to be conveyed with excellent wear resistance due to the long-time operation, the surface is stable and stable, and it cannot be deflected. The PVK conveyor belt series fully meets this requirement under the customer's feedback. 3 loading / unloading system: in the common airport, shipping company container, the parcel should be moved or moved. Therefore, the adhesion or adhesion of the surface of the conveyor belt is low. Due to manual operation, the conveyor belt must have low noise and non-reflective properties. Since the telescopic machine involves two-way motion, it also requires extremely high anti-tracking performance. The log power belt will undergo strict performance test at the factory, so that customers can avoid these troubles. 4 uphill / downhill system: For conveyor systems of different angles, it is necessary to select a conveyor belt corresponding to the friction force. We provide PVC: Straight stripe belt and grass pattern conveyor belt can also meet the characteristics of low noise, wear resistance, stable performance and high flame retardancy. 5 Baggage Extraction System: Transferring at major airport stations, passengers are eager to withdraw their luggage and continue on the road. Therefore, in this aspect, the conveyor belt needs sufficient impact resistance and load bearing capacity. 6 Turning Conveying System: If you want to use a turning machine, then we can provide you with a variety of turning and angle conveyor belts. The process can not only do one-piece slitting, but also multi-chip stitching. In order to meet the needs of customers. We pay attention to the cutting precision, low noise, flame retardant and other properties of the turning belt. The product is an ideal accessory for turning machines.
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