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Address: NO.45, Zhennan 7th RD, Tongan District, Xiamen City, China.

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——Xiamen XINBEX Trade Co.,Ltd was found in 1998, and set up the brand XINBEX

——The factory area extend to 3000m² after moved to Yuehua Road in year 2007

——Set up Tianjin XINBEX factory in 2008

——Set up Suzhou XINBEX factory in 2010

——Start to use ERP manage system to track each step at the whole business

——In 2014, built the production base in Tongan and set up Xiamen Hee industrial belt co.,ltd. The area extend to 20000m². Include 3000m² production room which have 2M production line, and opened a new production line with width 3.6m in 2017.

——Public listing at Haixia Equity Exchange on Oct, 2015. The code is: 681775

——In 2016, set up sales office in Philippines.